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Brick and Mortar Repair

man putting bricks on the cement mixture

While brick structures are nearly always made to be strong and reliable, they can still succumb to damages and defects. If your structure was installed with poor quality or has been left to wear significantly over time, you might find a whole host of issues that are wrong with them. Ranging from cracking in the bricks and mortar to the crumbling of entire sections, threatening to bring the whole structure crashing down. There are countless different problems that you might face but no matter what those are, the important thing is that you are dealing with them fast. So, you need to make sure that you are giving our team a call and making sure that you can access the quality brick and mortar repairs services that you need. At Denton Brick Repair, we can provide you with any grade of repairs that you need, guaranteed to restore full quality to your brick installation.


Crack Repair 

Most commonly, the extent of your brickwork damages are going to be limited to things like cracking. This is nearly always due to structural shifts in things like your land and your foundations. And while it might look like a serious problem that requires a costly fix, this simply isn’t the case. Instead, all it takes is some precise repair work, applying our proven techniques. Making use of our quality filler and patching products, we can realign and restore your cracked bricks, bring them back to their previous aesthetic, too. Simply allow us to investigate the extent of the damage and we’ll tailor an according solution.


Mortar Repair 

Perhaps even more commonly than your bricks, you might find that there are damages done to your mortar. When you use inferior quality mortar to construct your brick installations, it can lead to cracks appearing, bricks to shift, and even the more extensive brickwork cracks that we previously spoke about. But you can avoid all of these things from happening by dealing with your brick repairs needs fast. All you need to do is give us a call and tell us the specifics about your mortar issues so that we can tailor you an effective fix.


Brick Restoration 

While everybody expects their bricks to be top-quality, this simply isn’t always a given. Perhaps yours are weak, brittle products, that are causing the rest of your structure to suffer. That can spell out disaster for your home and that is why you must be restoring any ruined or damaged bricks as soon as you find them, by calling on us. We can act fast to remove all of the inferior brickwork and restore it with our premium products.


Replacement Brickwork 

Of course, if you have a brick installation that is past the point of saving, you are always going to need a replacement. While this is difficult for a house, it is always a viable solution for backyard walls, driveways, and any other single brick installation. All it takes is carefully removing the old products, restoring the space, before finally applying our excellent brick structures.

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