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Bricks have long been a primary material to use when it comes to home construction. No other component can create such a strong and stable structure while delivering such premium aesthetics. It’s something worth protecting and that is why, if you have any brick installations on your property, you need to know who you can trust for any repairs or maintenance needs. Fortunately for you, our team has been working in the industry for many years. And, today, we can offer you the most comprehensive range of brick repair services anywhere around, at Denton Brick Repair.

About Us

The leading team of brick masonry contractors anywhere in the city of Denton, we help out hundreds of clients each year. Everybody in town knows that they can turn to us whenever they need a tailored brick restoration job, as we simply offer more. Our team knows how to deliver the finest examples of brickwork, brick repair, and new brick installation, no matter the scale of the task. So, if you are looking for expert brick masons for your next task, you know that you can trust us every time.

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    Our Services

    Offering the most comprehensive range of brick services in Denton, you aren’t going to find a team that can offer you the level of support that we can. Our masonry repairs services are enough to restore any failing installation, while our new residential brick installs are enough to satisfy any critic. All you ever need to do is contact us with your needs and we certain that we could deliver you the tailored support that you are looking for.

    woman's hand leveling the brick wall
    Brick and Mortar Repair

    Brick and mortar structures are subject to a range of different issues, each of which requires a careful and precise fix to restore. At Denton Brick Repair, our team knows this better than anyone else and that is why we go above and beyond to deliver the ultimate brick and mortar repairs services. Whether your bricks have suffered small chips or cracks, or an entire installation is beginning to shift and crumble, you can count on us for the solution. We’ll always deliver you the most tailored masonry repairs services and ensure that we are doing whatever we can to restore full quality to your structure.

    fireplace made out of bricks
    Brick Chimney and Fireplace Repairs

    One of the most common places to find bricks at home are in brick chimneys and brick fireplaces. Each of these makes use of the fine aesthetics of brick masonry while enjoying their favorable, fire-resistant properties. However, these things can only be the case when the material is at its best. That is why it is vital that you deal with any brick chimney repairs and brick fireplace repairs as soon as it becomes necessary. The good news for you is that our brick doctors can assure you of a rapid fix for any chimney damages, no matter their complexity.

    brick walls and mail boxes
    Brick Mailboxes

    A mailbox is an obvious essential for any home, however, one that few people take seriously. But you should be investing in a quality mailbox, that is strong and secure, protecting your daily mail. There is no better solution for that than a brick mailbox and our team knows that best. That is why, at Denton Brick Repair, we offer a complete range of brick mailbox services, including brick mailbox installation, brick mailbox repair, and even brick mailbox flag replacement. Whatever the issue with your brick around mailbox, you can rest assured that we’ll always be available with a solution.

    red brick arch way and wall
    Archway Restoration

    Some of the finest examples of brick installs come in arches. Always attractive and showing off the full effectiveness of what quality brickwork looks like, if you have a brick archway to call your own, it is worth protecting. And, sometimes, that is going to mean seeking out professional brick archway restoration services, from your leading local masonry providers. Luckily, when you come to us at Denton Brick Repair, you can always count on our usually ace brick repair services.

    someone is power washing the wood wall
    Brick Cleaning

    The aesthetics that come from the natural look of bricks are one of the leading reasons why they are a favorite in home construction. But you aren’t going to be able to continue to enjoy this if you aren’t ensuring that you are maintaining them. That is why brick cleaning services are important to anybody with brick installations on their property and why they need to be top-notch. Fortunately for you, whenever you come to us, as your leading Denton brick company, you know that you’ll find what you need. Simply allow us to inspect the state of your bricks and we’ll be happy to apply a tailored brick clean.

    man on a ladder is painting the wall
    Brick Painting

    Brick painting can help to bring out the very best aesthetics in brickwork. Maintaining their unique texture, with a clean coat in the color of your choosing, more and more people are deciding to take advantage of brick painting services each year. And, if you would like to do the same, you’ll be pleased to hear that we have the widest array of services to offer. From painted brick to brick texture, and even specialist German smear brick options, you can count on us for anything at all in the way of brick painting.

    Contact Our Team Today

    So, the next time you are looking for any level of brick care in the Denton, TX area, you know you can count on us. Your leading Denton brick company, Arlington brick company, Fort Worth brick company, and Dallas brick company, we’re only ever a call away for any brick needs across the Dallas-Fort Worth region.

    “Without the help of the guys at Denton Brick Repair, I never would have been able to repair my masonry fireplace so well. They were so professional and their level of skill is obvious from the work that they did for me.” – Craig M

    “Denton Brick Repair did a fantastic job with my brick paint restoration. They were very careful, precise and gave me a great price for such a high-quality job.” – Aggie J

     “I recommend anyone in Dallas to go to Denton Brick Repair for any brick repairs. They go above and beyond with the quality and offer more affordable rates than anyone else in the region.” – Eddie W